What Not To Post

What not to post
The Science Behind Effective Content Marketing

Do you remember the TLC program What Not To Wear? It was reality TV with a very simple concept. You bring in someone desperately in need of a fashion makeover, show them why their current clothes aren’t working for them, give them some simple rules to follow and send them shopping with $5000 to buy a new wardrobe that follows the rules.

The rules were provided by two fashion experts, Stacy London and Clinton Kelly. Their approach was not to overwhelm with all the details but to provide 3 ideal outfits the shopper should be aiming for.

We are not fashion experts but we do have expertise in neuroscience and marketing. We also know that online marketing and social media has permanently changed how we communicate with each other.

For the majority of your audience, your online content is all they have to go on to form a first impression of you and your business. If that initial online first impression is a bad one you are in trouble – 98% of first time visitors to your website will not be back a second time.

Watch this short video to learn how to make the best online first impression and the science of content marketing.

What Not To Post – A Short Video

Just like Stacy and Clinton did to the fashion victims they were trying to save, put your content in the 360o mirror and see what others see when they visit your website or interact with you on social media. Refer back to the 3 rules to engage the brains of your target audience. We can’t give you $5000 towards improving your content but we can provide you with 8 steps to building your content marketing strategy.

Remember, it is an art to write creative and engaging content but there is science behind it too.

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