The Brain Science of Target Audience Visual Marketing

There are so many rules out there on what to do and what to avoid when it comes to visual marketing. It can be almost paralyzing for a marketer or business owner to even get started.

Have you ever wondered if there was a way to take the guesswork out? Wondered what effective visuals to include on your website, in your next blog post or as part of your next presentation? Well, there is!

The ability to create the right visuals comes from
your target audience insights

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When you have an in depth understanding of:

✔ who you are targeting and

✔ the emotions that underlie the relationship between you and your target audience

you have the foundation for launching a visual marketing campaign that will stand out in the sea of online content.

Attract Your Target Audience with Neuroscience

The single most important investment you can make with your marketing time is to create and implement a client persona.

Having a client persona is a guide to your online content. Personas remove the unknowns from your content creation such as what visuals to create and share. You will have insights into their pains, problems and goals. You will be able to create strategic targeted content using the same keywords and key phrases that your audience is using when searching online.

Reaching this level of similarity between what your target audience is looking for and what you provide is critical.

You want to grab your audience by the old brain. The part of their brain that is only focused on themselves – on their pains, problems and goals. The old brain is the part of the brain that is filtering absently through the social media feeds and the blog posts. This is the part of the brain quietly leading the decision making to click on the link, read the blog post or make a purchase.

This background of never ending online content is what you need to stand out from. The most effective way to stand out is to become your own client expert. That level of insight and intimate knowledge gained through the creation of a client persona shows you exactly how to reach the old brain of your target audience.

Brain Science of Visual Marketing_Stand Out_InnovaMap

Have an attention grabbing visual to flag the attention of the old brain
Create content directed to their old brain, focused on “self”
Use the language of your target audience

Target Audience Emotions with Neuroscience

Part of the knowledge gained during the creation of your client persona relates to the emotions your target audience is experiencing. How do they feel when they are searching for a product or service likes yours? Are they frustrated? Are they feeling overwhelmed? Or maybe they are feeling charged and ready to take on the world.

Brain Science of Visual Marketing_Emotion_InnovaMap

Take your insights into their emotional state of mind and create content, both text and visual, that will appeal to the emotional area of the brain. This area is the midbrain and the midbrain works in conjunction with the old brain to help filter out the millions of pieces of data that our brains get bombarded with each and every day.

In order to increase your odds of standing out you need to direct your content to the old brain and send up an emotional flare to get the attention of the midbrain. The strategic use of sensory and emotive words in combination with a great visual is an ideal midbrain magnet. Particularly when the words and visuals are curated specifically to your target audience.

Let’s not leave the new brain out of this. The new brain is the part of brain functioning we are aware of. It is the conscious and logical processing part of our brain.

Sensory information like sight, touch and smell actually travels through two routes in the brain. The short and fast route is to the mid brain. The longer slower route is through the new brain. What this means is that the old brain and midbrain know something is going on – you have captured their attention – before new brain processing even kicks in.

Statistics, data, logical explanations and proof are what the new brain loves to see. Which is good to know so you can remember to add these important elements to your content but use them sparingly. It isn’t the new brain that is filtering out the information and it isn’t the new brain leading the decision making.

Brain Science of Visual Marketing_To Remember_InnovaMap

There is more to visual marketing than just images. An image will be what flags down the old brain and midbrain to read your tweet or browse through your blog post but what about the other visual components of your content? Components such as the page layout, the font and the colours used to grab and hold the attention of the reader.

Stay tuned, in our next blog post Jen DalCin, our visual content marketer, will be reviewing the top hot visual marketing tips and tricks to watch out for in 2016. Remember to focus on the old brain and the midbrain of your target audience when you try out some of her suggestions. We want your content to stand out from the background.


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