The Science of Content Marketing

What Is The Science of Content Marketing?

Science and data - InnovaMapWe create content and implement content marketing strategies that take into account the brain science behind impacting an audience and creating a positive first impression.

We collect and analyze the metrics and analytics that underlie your content and your marketing strategy. We take the time to understand the different groups that make up your broader target audience.

Our science of content marketing framework builds an innovative digital marketing strategy that is unique to you and your brand so you can reach out to and connect with your target audience.

Balancing science and creativity

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 Our approach to content marketing is strategic – striking the balance between science and creativity.

The plan cannot be all about creativity and letting things unfold organically without setting goals, capturing and analyzing data along the way, and implementing a science of content marketing framework.

Nor can the plan be all about data and analytics without the creative and engaging element that personalizes your business and captures your target audience.

You need to capture both elements, the scientific and the creative, within an innovative and strategic plan.

Our team strikes that same balance. We have both science and marketing expertise making our approach to content marketing unique. One of our founders, Jennifer Arnold, has her Ph.D. in Neuroscience and, after working for many years within both an academic and biotech environment, she moved to patent law, business development and marketing. Her unique and combined experience has allowed her to understand the value of content marketing, the science behind effective content marketing and the importance of professional branding.

Learn How to Grow Your Customer Engagement

InnovaMap features free resources to connect you with your target audience so you can improve engagement and build lasting relationships:


[box] According to research by Demand Metric:

“content marketing costs 62% less than traditional advertising and yields 3X as many leads on a per-dollar basis…”

“70% of people would rather learn about a business, services or products through articles rather than traditional advertising” [/box]

How to get started?

There are three main elements within a successful content marketing plan:

✔ Content
✔ Marketing
✔ Science

What is the Content?

What forms part of your overall content is up to you and the business objectives you have for your business. It could be articles, ebooks, white papers, a blog, infographics or videos that are shared on your website and social media platforms.

Success starts with a strategic content plan

In order for content marketing to be effective there needs to be a strategy underlying the content you create and share – transferring your knowledge and expertise to your target audience.

Research into the effectiveness of content marketing over the last few years has consistently shown that in the absence of a STRATEGY content marketing is significantly less effective. Take the time to create, implements and follow a strategy that will guide the content you create, the content you repurpose and the content you share.

A strategic content plan will:

✔ Increase audience engagement
✔ Boost the numbers within your audience
✔ Result in lead generation
✔ Increase the potential for strategic partnerships

What is the marketing?

Keep the “marketing” focus within your content marketing plan. Creating and sharing great content isn’t enough. You need to have a strategic plan underlying the marketing of your content as well. Your online marketing plan will involve a combination of social media, email marketing, landing pages, display advertising, link building and traditional media coverage. You want to boost your views and consistently engage with and expand your audience.

Where does science fit in?

Our unique approach to content marketing means that we:

✔ Stay on top of the latest neuroscience research that impacts the perception of content
✔ Understand the psychology behind audience engagement and marketing techniques
✔ Make maximum use of the metrics, analytics and data intelligence collected to continually optimize the strategy

 data collection - InnovaMap

Examples of who we work with…

      • Health professionals growing their own business or clinic
      • Researchers and medical professionals wanting to establish and build an online reputation
      • Marketing Executives, Directors and Managers looking to outsource their content marketing

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