Intro To Neuromarketing
How to Ignite Your Strategic Marketing


There are 5 MODULES in this course!
Each module has a defined step in building a neuromarketing strategy.

Take a look at what you’ll learn.  You will start seeing an immediate impact on your marketing. Engage the brain... Personalized content. More clients.


Neuromarketing: A first taste
Targeting the Brain Amplifies Your Marketing Strategy

  • Neuromarketing is becoming a known term and approach in marketing. Learn more what it is from a real neuroscientist and how you can start applying it to your marketing strategy today.
  • Learn how marketing impacts your five senses, your thoughts and your emotional responses and why this matters to your marketing strategy.
  • Free bonus exercises:
    a) How To Optimize Your Elevator Pitch To Your Audience
     The 3 Brains Website Assessment
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Defining Your Marketing Target
Understand Your Target Audience and Client Personas

  • Learn how to bring your marketing focus to another level deeper to the target client persona. 
  • Learn how to find your ideal target audience that share a common interest.
  • Learn how and why happy and engaged brains make a difference and how to be more strategic with your marketing.
  • Free bonus exercises:
    a) Exemplary Interview and Guiding Questions for Your Client Persona Interviews
     Step by Step Guides on Defining Your Target Audience and Personas
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Visual Marketing That Pops
How to make visuals that reel in your target audience

  • Learn the importance of creating and sharing amazing and unique visuals with your target audience.
  • Learn how to create eye catching visuals. An important skill to perfect because a significant part of the brain focuses on visuals.
  • Start making an IMPACT with your visuals to help enhance or amplify the message behind your content.
  • Free bonus exercises:
    a) The 3 Brains Visual Assessment
    b) How To Create Captivating Blog Header Images
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Emotional Marketing with Reach
Connecting you with your target audience

  • Understand the importance of emotions for magnifying the impact of your content.
  • Learn how to take ordinary content and make it more personalized and effective.
  • Learn the emotion cycle of your target audience's journey.
  • Learn how to define, determine and design your content to make an impact.
  • Free bonus exercises:
    a) How To Create Ad Copy with Emotion
     The 3 Brains Repurposing Content with Emotion
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The Science of Effective Storytelling
How to hold your target audience's attention

  • Learn how stories impact the brain and cement the relationships you are building with your target audience.
  • Learn the power of storytelling and how to bring visuals and emotions together.
  • Learn why and how to activate the visual parts of the brain to improve memory recall of your business, product and brand.
  • Learn the power of a strong brand. How to develop, grow and protect your brand identity.
  • Free bonus exercises:
    a) The 3 Brains Brand Style Guide
    b) The Power of Testimonials Guide
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"Innovamap’s Introductory Marketing course is visually engaging, informative and most of all helped me get past the feeling of not knowing where to start to develop an outreach strategy and content related to the services I offer.  The structured approach and unpacking of key elements that underpin brand and content development left me feeling like I had a place to start, the ability to take some concrete action on my own and knowing how to work with marketing/communications professionals to get the best results.  Love the great tips and handouts to support ongoing, and on the go, content creation."
Ariadni Athanassiadis, Attorney, Consultant and Educator

"Take it! I have learned a great deal from this course! All of the tools were presented in a manner in which you become engaged"
Dawn Maxwell, Owner Eyemaxx Optical

"This is a terrific course to take whether you are new in your business or have been at it for a while. This program helps you understand how people's brain works and how to ensure you are capturing your clients pain and pleasures in your messaging. It helps you define your client persona and identify a clear branding"
- Colette Asselin, Caregiver Health and Wellness Coach

"I thoroughly enjoyed this course. I have been working in marketing for almost 20 years and I learned a lot of new and interesting ways to connect with customers. The course is a great balance between the science behind effective marketing and practical tips and assignments to help you put your new knowledge into action. I highly recommend it."
Joanne Gallop, Marketing professional and business owner


Only $397 CDN