neuromarketing and elearning course


Dig Deeper – What is neuromarketing?

For many years understanding the human brain through neuroscience has been a part of effective marketing. Now we are starting to hear more about neuromarketing where the two worlds of science and creativity come together.

Companies like Coca-Cola, Google and PayPal have all been known to use neuromarketing to better understand how and why someone would decide to buy their products over another.

They wanted to understand what goes on in the brain when it came down to the consumer decision making process. A better understanding of what triggers certain brain responses would allow them to create a better product and an improved consumer experience.

From a scientific perspective neuromarketing is the study of how the human brain responds to various marketing stimuli such as images, colours and words.

You might be thinking why and how is this important to me and my business? I’m not a multinational corporation. The good news is that you don’t need to have a marketing budget in the millions of dollars inorder to get real value from neuromarketing.

As an entrepreneur, business owner or marketer, when you understand the fundamentals of neuroscience and how it applies to marketing you will be miles ahead of the competition. Neuromarketing gives you insights into your target audience and shows you how to keep them engaged and coming back for more. This gives you a clear competitive advantage when it comes to marketing your products or services.

Gone are the days of traditional marketing. Consumers are tired of mass marketing and generic ads. You now have the opportunity to create a strategic marketing message for the exact target audience you want to connect with.

Wouldn’t you want to better understand your audience? Save yourself thousands of dollars in wasted marketing dollars and time lost. Now you have the opportunity to be more strategic. Neuromarketing will help you to understand the reasons why a consumer would choose one product or service over another.


Neuromarketing insights save you not only money and time but they also allow you to be more focused and genuine in your approach and in how you build your brand.

When you bring the right balance of science and creativity to your marketing strategy you are able to tap directly into the brain of your target audience.

How does neuromarketing work?

Neuromarketing in its pure form isn’t cheap. The research and medical devices would cost you millions but the data and knowledge gained from these studies benefit the business community as a whole.

Capturing the essentials and translating them into useful techniques, tools and tips for businesses is what we do.



Neuromarketing increases your effectiveness as you:

  • Create a more positive and memorable impact in the minds of your customers and potential customers,
  • Build a stronger and more memorable brand,
  • Speak directly to your target audience enhanced with the strategic use of visuals and emotions and
  • Incorporate storytelling and create a memorable long lasting impression on the brains of your target audience.

Every business can benefit from this.

This is not about tricking people. It’s about taking the time to understand your target audience and building the insights to connect authentically and at a deeper level.

Creative Visuals - InnovaMap - Brain Marketing Tip

How important are colors and the language you use? What emotions do you want to enhance and what do you want to avoid? Are you highlighting the right value points of your product or service? Without the benefit of the insights you gain through neuromarketing you may be wasting your marketing efforts.

Forget the educated guesses, wouldn’t you rather know how your consumers are thinking?

A consumer processes a lot of information before they make a final purchasing decision. Some say the final decision was a gut feeling and others say it was based on facts. Science tells us it is so much more than that and neuromarketing is the way to reveal the hidden brain story.

What is the ‘Intro to Neuromarketing?’ course?

Our course, How to Ignite Your Strategic Marketing is an introductory course to neuromarketing.

This course was developed by a neuroscientist and a team of marketers. The course was designed for entrepreneurs, business owners and marketers. The course communicates the fundamentals of neuromarketing in everyday language paired with rich visuals.

There are five core modules with exercises in each module that allow you to apply what you’ve learned right away in your business. This is an active hands-on course and each module adds another layer of depth to how you are marketing your business right now. Quizzes are used at the end of each module to help you assess and retain the knowledge you’ve gained.

It is a course curriculum designed to be taken in your own space on your own terms. You pay once and the course is always available to you.

Why taking this course is a game changer for your business

How companies connect with consumers is changing faster than marketers and businesses can adapt. Most entrepreneurs, business owners and marketers feel like they are constantly behind the eight ball. Rather than being proactive many businesses are simply trying to catch up. When marketing is based on assumptions, businesses will be reactive in places they think they need to be and unintentionally ignore the places they actually need to be.

By learning some basic principles of neuroscience, and what it tells us about the brain, you will gain the insights you need for your online marketing strategy. You will become your own target audience expert. There will be no need for marketing assumptions or educated guesses.

Our 5 module eLearning Introduction to Neuromarketing course was designed specifically for entrepreneurs and business owners who are ready to take control of their marketing strategy. You will feel more empowered when speaking with your graphic designers, ad managers or creating your own marketing material.


Why should neuromarketing be only reserved for the multi-million dollar businesses? All businesses can benefit from this marketing intelligence. You become more efficient and effective with your marketing dollars and time. Your consumers feel less like they being sold to and more like you genuinely care about and understand them.

This is a game changer for business and one that you won’t want to be left behind on. As technology continues to advance so will the expectations of the consumer. This is science at its best – working together with creativity for unique one of a kind marketing. Your marketing strategy will always be innovative when you understand the brains of your target audience.