Define And Connect With Your Unique Target Audience

Creating and sharing content designed to capture everyone’s attention ends up capturing no attention at all. Why is that? Brains can spot and avoid generic ads, stock photos and one size fits all content from a mile away.

This spotting and dismissing of content by your brain is happening so quickly that you aren’t even consciously aware of it. You are scanning through your inbox and social media feeds as quickly as can be until something – some visual or some combination of words – catches your eye.

What grabs your attention are images, key words or key phrases that are personally meaningful to you. If, like me, you love to bake and love dogs, then images related to delicious desserts and perfect pups are going to catch your eye enough to stop and read the headline and those first few sentences.

That is what online marketers are aiming for, those few precious seconds. The reason you create online content for your website, your blog and your social media feeds is with the end goal of capturing the attention of your target audience.

Who is my target audience

Your target audience is not one homogenous group. It is more than just clients you wish you had. Within that target audience there are several groups. Groups such as current clients, prospective clients, strategic partners, investors, associates and peers.

The first step to grabbing some brain attention is by sitting down and fully defining the groups that make up your unique target audience. At a minimum you will have three:

  • current clients
  • prospective clients
  • strategic partners

Next, define how each of these groups is connected to you. What do you bring to the table that they find useful or beneficial?

What emotions do your services or products inspire in these groups? If you really aren’t sure then be direct and ask.

This is critical information to have laid out in front of you. You need to dig below the surface of your relationship with these groups and collect insights that will generate that “Aha! This is exactly what I was looking for.” feeling.

Who is my target audience
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You want to know what visuals, keywords and key phrases would have that attention grabbing impact on the eyes of each group that makes up your unique target audience? Using the same content to try and speak to each of these groups will not capture or hold the attention of the brain.

Engage the brain of your unique target audience

Before you can create a piece of content whether it be a blog post, an email campaign, a landing page or a social media post you need to be clear in your own mind – which of the groups within my target audience is this for?

This is an important question to consider because the more personalized and emotional you can make your content the more it is going to capture and hold brain attention.

Brain attention is what buys you those previous seconds of opportunity when they are receptive to receiving your message.


You want their brains to see your email subject line, headline, visual or tweet and get that “Aha!” feeling.

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Feeling understood is extremely powerful. It forms the deep and lasting bonds between us and our families and friends.

The only way to write content and create visuals that generate that depth of emotion is by taking the time to define your unique target audience and then understanding what connects each group to you.

You must define your target audience before you design your content.

Now is the perfect time of year to get your unique target audience insights collected and ready to implement post Labour Day.

Your competitors will still be shaking the sand out of their flip flops and you will be ready to hit the ground running. Set aside an hour right now to read through our recommended reading list.

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