British woman writes thank you note to burglars

It can be surprising where personal growth arises from. I have been through some real ordeals in my work life but those ordeals have created in me a will to succeed and a determination to finish the job. You may well be stuck in your own personal work nightmare right now but sit tight and think about how you can help yourself to get through and over the ordeal. Do not allow yourself to become the office victim.

It may seem that thanking a burglar is a rather odd reaction to the invasion of your home. For this woman, however, writing the note gave her a feeling of being back in control. Digging deep to find humour at times of adversity is a very human reaction. That said, how you draw upon your strengths to get through difficulties is intrinsic to who you are. What is important is to move beyond the sense of helplessness. Analyze your situation, determine what steps you need to take and draw upon your strengths to take the next step. Remember to stay positive – all experiences teach us something even if it is only what we need to avoid in the future.

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