Why Should I Have A LinkedIn Business Page?

We’ve actually been asked this very question a few times lately so we thought we would put together a blog post answering this very question by highlighting some of the main reasons why we think your business should have a LinkedIn Business page.  First, LinkedIn is the largest growing online professional network with more than 332 million members.

This innovative networking platform has truly revolutionized the way people network online by providing us with numerous ways to strategically network, make new connections, build relationships and generate new opportunities.

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Farm-to-table, local food movement and buy local initiative

We are huge supporters of farm-to-table which is linked to the local food movement and the overall buy local initiatives found in many communities. Ottawa’s buy local initiatives and community gardening networks have developed a real momentum and continue to grow year after year. It is now becoming a buzzing hub and supporters of this buy local initiative are having an impact on what grocery stores and restaurants are offering and we love it!

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Face Time – Does it really add value to your business?

When I was working on my PhD, my supervisor was not a believer in face time. He knew that just because you were in the lab didn’t mean you were busy or productive. What he was most interested in was the quality and quantity of data we produced. If you worked all night and slept all day that was fine by him. The same philosophy followed me into my postdoc where the primary researcher always told us her focus was not on lab time but on lab results. It was only when I left research and started working within a law firm environment that I realized

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Fall organizing and that nagging business to-do list

Some people are all about Spring cleaning but Labour Day weekend and the arrival of September trigger in me a need to get even more organized. I focus on ending the year on a positive note, professionally and personally. September to me represents a fresh start even more than the arrival of Spring and there are many reasons behind this yearly feeling.

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