Following Jennifer’s role as a researcher in the fields of addiction and oncology, she worked directly with scientists and businesses at an intellectual property law firm. It was at a time when online marketing and social media came into force with so much hype and so many self-proclaimed experts. Jennifer was unmoved by the hysteria around social media and couldn’t really see the business value. Given her background, it wasn’t stubbornness that led to the skepticism but rather the whimsical nature of it all.

It was at this time when our strategic marketer (Diana) and our neuroscientist (Jennifer) joined forces. Having worked in marketing leadership roles with experience in business branding campaigns, Diana was convinced there was a way that together they could help business owners and professionals navigate the world of online marketing.

They discovered InnovaMap’s niche and got to work on developing content around the science of marketing to help businesses connect with their target audience to improve engagement and build lasting relationships.

Together they could instinctively see the value in creating a product that speaks directly to the target client (that ideal client persona) that engages the brain. One size fits all marketing strategies were banished for good!

Growing the team… Jennifer Dalcin a seasoned marketer with artistic talent in creative design became a natural fit to the team. With an eye for creative design she creates stunning visuals that engage the brain and stimulate the senses. Her work has been known to literally stop people in their tracks.

Their work culminating in a one-of-a-kind Neuromarketing eLearning course that is designed to help businesses tap into the brain of their target audience and build a stronger more memorable brand.

So now you know, when a neuroscientist and a marketer come together innovative marketing is the result.

It boils down to a simple equation:
Science + Creativity = Strategic marketing that works



Jennifer Arnold, is a neuroscientist turned entrepreneur that loves marketing. She is the real deal – a true neuromarketer. Jennifer is a big fan of Jamie Oliver and is lovingly referred to as a chocaholic by her family and friends who always know the way to her heart. She is President of the Board for Mothercraft Ottawa and believes in supporting her local community.



Diana Davies-Harju - InnovaMap

Diana Davies-Harju, is a modern marketer with great instincts where she brings the ideal balance of strategy, creative, technical and metrics to create actionable results. She is known for her honesty, positive attitude and commitment. Diana’s creativity often strikes when running. She loves to read and is passionate about health and wellness. Diana believes in supporting her local community and volunteers on a number of initiatives.


Jennifer DalCin, is a visual content marketer. As a child, she would spend hours on her Hasbro Lite-Brite honing her creative skills and designing what she thought were masterpieces. Today not much has changed except maybe the medium. Although not a designer, she continues to be driven by the creation of visual content and its effect on audience engagement. Jennifer is an active fundraiser and volunteers on her local elementary school’s council.

What do we love to hear the most? When clients say:

“You’ve really made me think about my marketing in a way I never did before.”

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