8 Steps To Build Your Content Marketing Strategy

Content marketing is one of the most critical pieces of your inbound marketing strategy and yet it is often not fully understood or the impact fully appreciated. Whether you realize it or not your business is already using some form of content marketing. In the world of digital media if any aspect of your business is online content marketing is part of it. Do you have a strategy for how you create, curate, post and share your content on your website, your blog or your social media platforms? It takes not only a strategy but finding the right balance between the types of content, the social media platforms used and SEO.

8 Steps To Build Your Content Marketing Strategy
8 Steps To Build Your Content Marketing Strategy

The purpose of your content marketing strategy is to build brand awareness, generate leads for your business, help increase your search engine optimization (SEO) and get found online. You want to make your mark by establishing yourself as a knowledgeable business and/or professional in your field and industry. Yes, this is all true but content marketing is also more than that. Is it about building relationships, customer service and partnerships by providing valuable sales-free content to current and potential clients with the intention of earning trust, building loyalty, growing your brand and creating awareness. It is not the hard sell or direct advertising approach.

Your content marketing strategy is a well-organized machine with many moving parts. It’s about taking a strategic approach by turning your business content into valuable information for your clients and potential clients. Whether it takes the form of content for your website, your blog, articles, e-books, email marketing, case studies, white papers, reports, content for your social profiles such as LinkedIn, videos, infographics, presentations or social posts you are providing something valuable to your target audience. Like what we are doing for you right now – providing you with tips that we have learned along the way.

There are many factors to consider carefully before launching into content marketing. You need to know and understand your current clients and target clients. You want to choose the marketing channels that make the most sense for your audience. How you deliver your content is just as important as how you create it. You also need to build SEO into your content to help your content be found by search engines. Following the simple steps outlined in the image graphic will get you started. No need to go big out of the gate. Start small, pick one area and build from there. Good luck and have fun!

Edited photo - Diana By: Diana Davies-Harju

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