InnovaMap: Science + Creativity = Strategic marketing that engages the brain of your target audience

InnovaMap combines neuroscience and marketing through a unique one-of-a-kind eLearning course experience. Our Neuromarketing eLearning course is designed for business owners and professionals who want to better communicate the value of their brand (products and services) online.

We walk you through all the critical steps of neuromarketing such as how to identify your target audience and how to create visuals and stories that engage the brain and keep your audience coming back for more.

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NEW eLearning course! Neuromarketing - How to Ignite Your Strategic Marketing

neuromarketing and elearning course

This course is designed to help you better communicate the value of your products and services online. You will also learn to identify and engage with your unique target audience. Because when you bring the right balance of science and creativity to your marketing strategy you can tap into the different parts of the brain of your target audience. Build a stronger more memorable brand.   

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The Science of Content Marketing
Helping you create strategic content that connects you to your ideal target audience

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